Spirit of the Wild was a creation and collaboration of two reckless, undaunted and venturesome girls who also luckily share the same DNA as well. Meet the Endemano Sisters!

Meet Ashley…

Ashley, the curator and original publisher of Spirit of the Wild, the always defiant and unyielding older sister designed this lifestyle/adventure/travel blog as healthy form of mental reflection into written word. In addition to her affliction for putting thoughts into verbal articulation, Ashley has a passion for photography (though amateur) and editing. In naming her creative outlet, she was reminded of her spirit and however dauntless, it is equally as wild. Thus Spirit of the Wild was born. Originally, a personal blog where Ashley could harness her two passions (besides animals!) and evolve into a partnership with Loren. Ashley is recently 30! A rescue mommy to two pitbulls, Madison and Luca. And a rescue Russian Tortoise Hermie. Running a successful sole properitorship in the pet care service industry, she also matured into the less brassy (but always unafraid) woman who thankfully was finally able to identify her creative strengths and desire to expand in formal knowledge of digital and social media marketing and content creation. While always a bleeding heart through and through, Ashley is able to finally balance the over active lateral mind-set and channel it into what has become a wonderful expression of thought and visual arts. You can find Ashley’s personal Instagram with more of her individualistic and private exposure to the world. She can be found at @_ashley.alex

Meet Loren…

At almost 26 years old, Loren was able to distinguish her career path much younger that of her older sister. Taking more of the “traditional” route, Loren also categorized Spirit of the Wild as a statement of our love not only only as adventurers by nature but also offering some travel adventurism and advice. At 25, Loren has established her career as a Registered veterinary technician after years of schooling and continuing hands-on training while working from Front Desk Receptionist now to one of the most valuable technicians in her hospital. Clearly, with similar passions in love of animal welfare and the treatment of all of the nature/environment. While Loren is most definitely polar opposite. Pragmatic, left-brained and dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to. Even in her approach and delivery of what might otherwise never also would have been a discovered a platform to express herself, visually and verbally, she still shares the aforesaid ambition to always take risks and pursue that sense of unrestrained, wild quest for a life unhindered by fear.

Now that you were able to get slightly introduced to both of us (Loren’s personal Instagram is @loren_endemano) And can also elaborate just how everything progressed from a simple cute Instagram to a continued networking of like-minded ADHD behaviors. Plus who doesn’t love of a good instagram! (@spiritofthwild_) And definitely go find us on IG to view more photos and provide you with appropriate details about ourselves!

Thank you so much little spirits. May your life always be in pursuit of adventure and and/or possibly the drive to publish your own creative outlet!

Stay tuned for a brief but an exciting opportunity to our fellow adventurers!


Ashley & Loren