Scout Folks!

We are choosing to occasionally feature companies that really inspire us. That are like-minded in our common earth conscious mentality and offer an assortment of different products that exude their love for this earth, people and wildlife preservation. And how could we NOT do a write-up on a company like SF with the mantra that hits home for us especially:

‘Be kind to all the animals, and the Earth and the people’

While Ally & I have never actually had the pleasure of meeting in person, I have been following the growth and evolution of her company Scout Folks over the past few years. (And totes girl crushing on her Mother Earth vibe) And the amazing blend of children & baby clothing like toddler shirts and baby onesies, adult printed tee’s, homegoods and even her husband Ben’s photography prints. All within the same earth-loving feel. Check out some of the below swag they sell!*this little cutie is Ally & Ben’s daughter Luna Scout*Their motto on these totes & wall hangings are my absolute fave. I try and live this mantra on a regular basis. 

Ally kindly answered a short Q&A for us!

Tell me a little about yourself and your family. 

Benjamin and I actually went to high school together, then reconnected 10 years after graduation. We like to get outside a lot. We love to eat and drink beer, and enjoy the few quiet moments we have when the kids aren’t crazy. I have a tendency to take on too many projects, and he’s amazing at making us spend quality family time together. He’s also an amazing photographer, so our life is documented by his eye, which is so special. In 2012, we lived in Long Beach and adopted a puppy together. I was working as a graphic designer and he is (still) a business guy in LA. A few months after puppy, we found out we were pregnant with our first daughter: Luna Scout. Two years later we had Juniper Wild. Kids totally changed us…I think we’re just more broken and empathetic as people, and a lot more willing to embrace life’s weirdness. Kids can be really hard, but I wouldn’t trade our messy life for anything. 

What inspired you to start Scout Folks and how long have you been in business? 
I’ve been screen printing since college, and I love making things with my hands. Once Luna Scout was born, I started getting depressed at the serious amount of time I was spending away from her at my job. So I started Scout Folks – a little side hustle that I hoped would turn into my FT gig. It’s still growing and changing, but it’s really helped me develop business skills and break out of the full time job. Ben is always there to photograph, give input, and most importantly…watch the kids when I need to screenprint.

What or where do you gain your inspiration for your designs?
I really want to keep our brand focused on kindness, natural world, and learning. Usually a new design comes from me wanting to know more about something, then drawing it (Like the honey bee shirt). Or the kids – My daughter always says ‘My name is Luna, lalala Luna’ when introducing herself. So we put that on a shirt because my husband thought it was cute 😉 

What made you want to connect with wildlife and ocean organizations?
Every few days I freak out that Earth is going to be destroyed by mankind. I have to delete my Facebook app because it gives me anxiety. I want to help EVERY organization – and my idea was to rotate donations to all sorts of wildlife companies. But those ones have stuck on the home page. Every few months I donate to a different cause. The end goal would be to get so profitable that we could live a modest life and donate most of the profits! 

For southern Californians, what weekend markets can they find you at?

We are not currently at any markets, but have a full online shop at I’ve done a lot of markets and currently taking time to hang with family so they don’t hate me!

This family is serious goals!

They also have two amazing organizations they have donation links to on their site. One for Wildlife Conversation Society & one for Pristine Seas to help conserve ocean wildlife. I have also provided the links below:

*Wildlife Preservation Society & Pristine Seas. All donations are tax deductible and will just make your soul feel good knowing you’re contributing to the preservation of our ocean and the innocent wildlife. 

Be sure to also check our Ben’s amazing work in photography at his site: where he has his own blog & contact info to work with him!

You should DEFINITELY find Scout Folks on Instagram – @scoutfolks to keep up to date on new products available! 

We LOVE to support small businesses, like ourselves, and feel honored when creative, busy mamas take the time to give us a little look into their lives and creative forms of expression. Thanks Ally & Ben!

Be Kind always,


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