Desert Days…

We are definitely impulsive in our travel planning, especially anything domestic or local. So our trip Joshua Tree was no different. 

Originally we planned on driving up on a Friday night and then camping out in one of the multiple campgrounds so we could awake with the sunrise and get some great shots. However, upon thinking further, we realized to plan a camping trip in 4 days would have been a little unrealistic given we have no actual camping gear. So AirBnB to the rescue again! (We can’t tell you how much we love this avenue of accommodation for travel) We found an adorable little private desert bungalow in Twenty-nine Palms, CA only 12 miles from either entrance to the Park.

We packed up and set out on a Friday night towards Joshua Tree/Twenty-nine Palms chatting and jamming away. Quality sister time, which is incredibly cathartic for both of us. We were routed off onto a dirt path with no street lights (another instance of off-roading in a vehicle not meant for this kind of terrain. Ha!) We were taken by our sweet host to our private studio bungalow and dreamy is an understatement. 

Our host Colleen has impeccable modern eclectic taste. We were actually pretty bummed we were only there for a day!

We bunkered down, watched some Netflix on my laptop (get the asus notebook for real! Perfect for travel, turns into a tablet that is also touch screen. Lightweight for a 15″ screen and can handle all photoshop software which we use to edit our photos, well Lightroom!) We tried to catch some Z’s however the nightingales were super chatty all night, playing what seemed like Marco Polo with each other. 

I (Ashley) awoke at 5:30, whether it had been the nightingales or the excitement of some exploring, I was able to catch the sunrise over the desert mountains. When we arrived the night before, it was dark so we were unable to see the private property with all its beautiful wildflowers. 

We got ready, grabbed a quick French toast breakfast because we are completely useless on empty stomaches and I somehow had managed to flub up our morning coffee courtesy of our bungalow (I’ve never made French press before!). And headed for the park entrance. Grabbed a map where we chose random roads to turn down and major sites in the park. Our first stop was Key’s View. Oh my wind!

The view is 3,000 feet above the valley giving you almost a 360 degree view of the desert and all the mountains glory. The wind was so powerful we could barely keep our eyes open and people were actually getting knocked over!

We hopped back in the car and made our multiple stops enjoying the Octotillo plants and Yucca Trees. What a vast difference from our trip to Washington. The boulder formations were incredible. The plants made us feel like we were on an alien planet. 

We jumped from spot to spot, trying to avoid the heavy traffic of tourists to enjoy Joshua Tree park in all its deserty glory. We were able to see Cottonwood Springs, Cholla Cactus Garden and Skull Rock. Everything was breath taking. And it was enjoyable yet again, to spend quality time outdoors boulder hopping and getting our sister time. 

While we are definitely mountain girls and love the tall forest trees, we enjoyed our mini trip to Joshua Tree. It gave us our little travel fix until we head to ICELAND, COLORADO and while it’s still in the beginning planning stages we will be headed to Maquoketa Caves State Park in Iowa! This trip we are especially excited about. Google it! 

So if you’re in the Southern California area and have the time, make a stop in Joshua Tree and let us know if you’re a desert person or a mountain person!

Here’s some more shots we grabbed while adventuring…

Thanks for reading little adventure fishies! Stay tuned for our next post on another RAD earth friendly design and printed tee company!

Sweet dreams of exploration,

Ashley & Loren

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