To the trees!

What a delayed post! Upon our arrival, we had to dive straight back into both our jobs and including one new one for me (Ashley) but we are FINALLY updating our blog!

SO! On our last day in Washington, we were determined not to leave without visiting Treehouse Point in Falls City. We took the 2 and a half hour drive out of Ashford towards Preston saying goodbye to our town we had become so attached to in just a few short days and our adorable chalet that we wanted to move into.

We arrived in Falls City and grabbed some breakfast and pulled into the tiny side street to TREEHOUSE POINT! Since kids Loren and I always wished we could have a treehouse. Our sweet amazing father built us an incredible little clubhouse in our backyard despite it being a narrow outside space. And we were thrilled. But even as we grew into adulthood, the desire to either live or have a treehouse has still yet to leave either of us. (As previously mentioned in our 2 treehouse stays in our backpacking blog post) So to be able to visit an entire property filled with treehouses was just a total dream.

We pulled into what was already proving to be a magical estate filled with sky-high hemlock and fir trees. Just stunningly green. As you pull in your guided into their main lodge/gift shop and common area for their Bed & Breakfast guests.IMG_4250IMG_4404IMG_4253

Some of you may watch the show Treehouse Masters, embarrassingly enough Loren and I are not avid viewers but have seen episodes with our dad who is a big fan. So if any of you were wondering, no Pete was not there and actually rarely is!

So after a short introduction and rules guideline on the tour. We were split into 2 groups and taken on a tour through the 6 treehouses on the property that are open for guests to stay overnight! (We looked into it but were set on getting to Mount Rainier).

Let us tell you guys, these places are so whimsical. They’re built structurally sound and with consideration for the tree’s themselves. Pete and his team take great measures to make sure not to disrupt the health or integrity of the tree they build the treehouse’s on. They try and bond them so that the tree itself accepts the structure and grows with it. It’s quite beautiful the respect his company and organization has for these forest giants.

Each treehouse has it’s own identity, and given a name of meaning. There is Burl, Nest, Bonbibi (named after the guardian spirit of the forest), Trillium (the 2 story treehouse that unfortunately was closed due to city council issues) and the original treehouse Temple of the Blue Moon.

We were able to tour each treehouse and take in the miraculous views of the property and Raging River that they are built over looking. We tried to soak in our time in each little retreat and imagine waking up to the sounds of the rushing river and the singing birds. Oh the magic.


Each little tree-dwelling was specifically designed to stand apart from the others. There were skylights and lounging areas and even top level beds that you could awake in the midst of the lush forest as the sun rose. (We had serious envy of everyone who had stayed in the B&B). IMG_4353IMG_4280IMG_4327

As the tour concluded we made sure to go take a little tour of the river below which was stunning. We have a strong love of basically any bodies of water, ha!IMG_4384IMG_4390IMG_4387

At the end of our tour we met back in the main house and spent well over $300 on swag for ourselves and our fam. Dad would definitely want one of their shirts!

All in all, we are so so glad we made sure to spend our last day at this enchanting estate that the Nelson family has built and carefully and lovingly nurtured and continued care for these treehouse creations. If you are in Washington, you need to prioritize this on your to-do list for sure! But make sure to book your tickets in advance. They are limited and do not allow you to just drop by! So visit their website and book your tour!

So hopefully, if you love treehouse as much as we do then you enjoyed this post! And stay tuned for an update on our weekend mini trip to Joshua Tree National Park!

Much love,

Ashley & Loren

Be sure to find us on instagram for more photos!


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