We’re brand reps!

While I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been working on my newest venture with my sister Loren! It’s a collaboration of both of our travels and adventuring individually and together! Currently we are prepping for our upcoming trip next week to Mount Rainier, Washington! (We are so excited) We created an instagram purposely just to show our traveling and exploring which has gained a pretty nice following in just 2 weeks! If you’re on the gram, give it a follow and show your support!

So a part of our creation of the Spirit of the Wild instagram was to show past, present and future traveling as Loren and I love to travel together as often as possible, as I told you in one of my earlier posts about backpacking Central America. We decided this would be a great platform for us to share our photos and experiences without inundating our personal followers. As a result, a great new outdoors company called Myna Company reached out to us and thought we would be a great match for their new product! We were so excited since this would obviously be our goal in the future, and for a rad company like this to reach out to US?!


We GLADLY accepted and awaited our first water bottle. It was even cuter and more durable in person. We wasted no time snapping a couple of photos to immediately share with our followers that we were brand ambassadors for this great new company!


We wanted to announce to our readers and fellow bloggers that if you are also outdoors adventurers like ourselves, you should definitely invest in this 18 oz stainless steel water bottle that can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 HOURS! We’ve tested it ourselves!

Make sure to find them on Instagram @mynacompany and also go buy one! They are currently available on Amazon.com (<-click the link for it to take you directly to their listing!) And make sure to use our unique code WILD4705 at checkout for 5% off!

Thanks for your support spirit animals, and make sure to keep following our blog (Loren will now be contributing content as well!) for our trip in Washington next week! And don’t forget to go follow our Instagram!!

Goodnight my loves,

Ashley (and Loren!)