Together We Rise

In the late evening of October 1st, at an outside country concert event with over 22,000 attendees including my best friend (Zoe I love you), a shooter decided to take the lives of 59 innocent concert-goers and injuring over 500 more on the Las Vegas strip near Mandalay Bay. What Stephen Paddock took that night [...]

Wild and free…?

It's been a crazy month(s) here. A rapid succession of changes, losses, and movement. Now while adjustments in your life are inevitable, predicting them can also be impossible, and navigating through even more implausible. Like trying to run through thick mud up to your knees. On the other hand, I found a quote that I've [...]

Colorful Colorado

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posting about my (Loren) recent adventure in the magnificent Colorado! My best friend, Lauren (yes we have the same name), lives in CO Springs, so what better excuse to take a trip out and do some serious exploring! To start off the journey, we sought out Helen Hunt Falls just [...]

Our SoCal faves!

So, we thought we would share a list of our favorite spots in our home base of Southern California. For anyone who may be visiting or even lives here, we thought we'd make a little list of our hand-picked outdoors & hot spots! If you follow our instagram (@spiritofthewild_) which if you're not, then you [...]

Adventure Awaits…

So a lot of times our friends & family ask us how we are able to travel as often as we do since unfortunately (for now) we are not travelers by trade. So we thought we'd write up a little post about the resources we've used for certain aspects of traveling and some tips we've [...]